Vegas McGraw Show Information:
This tribute can be designed to fit your entertainment needs!  Its simple........... tell us what you want and we will do our best to give you the show you desire!  We understand everyone has a budget so we go the extra mile when providing you with this tribute.  This tribute can be booked a few different ways............please read the listed types below and scroll down and watch the latest promotional video regarding this wonderful tribute!
#1.  Vegas McGraw a Tim McGraw TRIBUTE  CONCERT WITH LIVE BAND Four to Five Instruments will be included ranging from: Lead Guitar, Fiddle, Keyboardist, Bass Guitar, & Drums.  Show length vaires from 1 - 60/75MIN Show or 2 - 45/60MIN Shows.  Also includes vocal impressions to the music of Neil Diamond, Johnny Cash, Elvis & Louis Armstrong.  

#2.  TIM McGRAW TRIBUTE MUSICAL TRACK SHOW or ACOUSTIC SHOW this show style is for events with a small budget.  If your budget is strapped and you cant afford to hire in the entire tribute band then tracks will be used. Tim McGraw Tribute  will perform to these tracks through the PA System with NO musicians on stage . Show length 30 - 45MINS. Tim & Shania Track Show is available also.  The  accoustic show has one guitar player with Tribute Act and is suited for smaller venues. 

#3.  TIM & FAITH TRIBUTE SHOW WITH A LIVE BAND this is the ultimate tribute show featuring music from both country music ICONS!  Show will consist of Faith Hill Tribute Artist Opening the Event with the Tim McGraw Tribute Act taking the stage and then YES, you got it TIM & FAITH Tribute ACTs hit the stage together belting out their classic top duet hits! Show length  75/90min

What does this entertainment cost?

The date of your event and the location will affect the price, as we take into consideration travel expenses. The type of show, is production provided, is it a multiple day booking? These items also affect the final price.  We will do our best to work with your budget! 


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